As your copy-editor I would:

  • Edit and restructure ‘raw’ text or content of web pages, so it is ready to publish, and include grammar rules, tables and charts, and formatting of footnotes and end notes
  • Correct and change incorrect spelling
  • Correct incorrect grammar, English language idioms and punctuation
  • Correct inconsistencies of style and referencing rules
  • Correct the common errors missed by the copywriter
  • Give consideration to the inclusion of images, SEO and audio
  • Correct and mark up copy using the track changes on Microsoft Word, which allows the writer to accept or reject it
  • Use the comments option to clarify ambiguities and suggest suitable amendments

However, I cannot be held responsible for any academic inaccuracy in the copy text

Most commonly, I would help you with:

  • Website copy
  • Blog posts
  • Annual reports
  • Marketing literature
  • Research documents
  • Academic articles, essays and dissertations
  • Correspondence such as letters, emails and newsletters
  • Social media such as tweets, facebook posts articles and online advertising
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Case studies for companies who have gone out of their way for customers



Includes an initial meeting to define and agree a planning and strategy brief, and to assess the bespoke needs of the client before work can begin.

Per hour (English as a first language) £50 to cover:

  • Significant changes to the topic and content
  • Significant sourcing and checking of copyright and referencing

Per project (English as a first language) negotiable on submission of a detailed “copy-edit request’* for a proposal explanation of the required work

Minimum of 4 hours


Terms and Conditions:

  • Please submit the work to be undertaken and only make payment once you have received the emailed quote
  • Fees are payable in advance in Pounds Sterling and can be made easily and securely from anywhere in the world using PayPal 
  • Fees can also be paid by a fast payment such as BACS
  • Please note: all money transfer fees must be paid by the payee and bank transfers from outside the UK can sometimes take a few days to arrive in the designated account
  • Please add your name or the PDF invoice number to any transaction as a reference
  • Copywriting will not commence until the full fee is received (unless agreed otherwise in the final quote). I reserve the right to alter the return time/date from that stated in the final quote if the fees are received after the expiry time stated on the email quote
  • For quotes of 48 hours or longer, payments received between 6pm (UK time) on Saturdays and 7.59am (UK time) on Monday will be assumed to have been received at 8am (UK time) on Monday and the turnaround time will begin from 8am (UK time) on Monday. For 24-hour quotes, payments received between 6pm (UK time) on Fridays and 7.59am (UK time) on Monday will be assumed to have been received at 8am (UK time) on Monday and the turnaround time will begin from 8am (UK time) on Monday.



*A copy-editing brief Is a description of the proposal which is limited to 1 page. It can be a chart, or outline, setting out the essentials and desirables of your project.Include whether you would prefer the work bid for on an hourly rate or as a fee covering a set number of hours.