Pecha Kucha Power

How to elevate your pitch from 60 secs into 6 mins.40 secs

7 companies, from the tea ceremony to technologies, showcase their business using PechaKucha 20X20. It is a Japanese term that means ‘chitchat’ using 20 images with a time lapse of 20 seconds each.

Fun, it certainly is and crystalises your key message to others.

As a proofreader, I work with words, but in accepting the challenge I delve into the world of online pictures for the power point slides.

Everyone has their own perception, and the sixty people in the audience, in small groups, share the first word that comes into their head for each image.

As this is a networking audience, the theme is, to quote Abba, ‘Knowing me, knowing you’. In this meeting of First Tuesday Nottingham, @ftnottm, small businesses  are finding out more about each other. A very effective icebreaker and certainly no-one fell asleep.

It was good too, to watch the other presenters. They included actors, performers and graphic artists. One of my passions is food and there were two different experiences on offer.

So, in the interval, we swapped business cards and I learn more about an oriental tea ceremony which happens in the Creative Quarter of Nottingham and a qualified nutritionist, whose business Is now preparing bento lunch boxes in a work hub unit on the University of Nottingham campus, where she qualified, and delivering them locally.

So what did I learn? It is a smart, measurable, achievable, realistic timed (SMART) and fun way to introduce your business. No time for waffle. However, the other elements of a presentation are still as important. The strong start and the strong finish.

Were I to get the opportunity to do this again, I would include more about my services and typos in with the image slides. People are always emailing me and making me smile with what they have spotted.

“you’ll never guess what I’ve just seen!”

I would also create a much stronger finish to support the sign off strap line, ‘Ros Horsley the professional proofreader and ‘it’ girl, dotting the i and crossing the t’.

So what is my opening line?

“I am Ros Horsley, professional proofreader, for when you need a second pair of eyes to make your work word perfect”

What are your ice breaking questions for when there isn’t headline news? if you need help to answer that question please contact me

 May 2017